Destination Arena Enrollment Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Arena Benchmarking and Performance Reporting program!
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If you would like to view a demonstration of Arena, please e-mail Aaron Pickering.


By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • I am willing to have my organization become a client and participant in the Arena Benchmarking and Performance Reporting program. I recognize that this statement of intent is non-binding, but that submitting this signed document will result in a Terms of Services agreement being sent to me for my review and final consideration.
  • I am enrolling my organization to participate in the Arena program, and this action implies that I also agree to share data about my organization that will be stored in the Arena program's database and shared with other participants of the program. This data will be held in confidence by the Arena team, and reported in aggregate form only.
  • I am willing to enter data into a series of surveys and fields into the Arena program to properly use the program.
Upon completing and submitting the form, it will be forwarded to an Arena Destination Benchmarking administrator for review and approval. Once approved, you will be notified by e-mail with specifics on our Terms of Services agreement, privacy policy and instructions on how to enter your organization's enrollment data.